PR in the Moment: Lessons from Real-Time Search Pros

The conversation with iCrossing’s Rob Garner that fueled this post really sparked my understanding of (and interest in) the real-time opportunities the accelerated and connected world of social networks presented to communicators.  David Meerman Scott has since labeled a related opportunity “Newsjacking.”  PR Newswire is calling the concept (broadly) “Agile Engagement.”   However you describe it, the opportunities a heads-up, dialed-in communicator has these days are boundless.  But you have to be paying attention.

Beyond PR

Last week I listened into a webinar hosted by Search Marketing Now on the subject of real-time search, featuring Rob Garner of iCrossing.  As is often the case with these things, I walked away bristling with new information, and some interesting insight for PR.

Real-time search (“RTS”) is the immediate inclusion of information from social networks in search results. Like traditional search, RTS is based on crawler based algorithms – the search engines actively go out, find information on web sites, and index it. But there’s a new twist.  Search engines are also bringing in content from the human driven social layer.  Google in particular is adept at integrating content from the social layer.  This is real-time content – Tweets, comments and other interactions.  And it’s changing what search engine users see in their search results – which is driving change in human behaviors.

Sources of real-time content


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