What’s stopping your organization from using social media effectively?

This was the first blog post I sourced from a conversation on LinkedIn.  I posed the question to a group of PR pros, and got some great insight.  Fast forward a year and a half, and many of the issues they highlighted still persist.

Beyond PR

While many companies are using social media to build relationships with their customers, position their experts as thought leaders, deliver customer service and generate leads, many more are struggling to get started.  Commonly cited barriers to launching social media programs include:

  • Fear:  The perceived risks of being active in social networks have hobbled institutional will
  • Lack of resources or time:  Communcations and marketing departments are running on minimal budgets and lean staffs
  • Concerns about measurement and demonstrating ROI – especially important when budgets are constrained
  • Regulatory constraints

How to overcome intertia? A recent seminar by Michael Pranikoff, PR Newswire’s director of emerging media, offered some stats and tips.

One particular key to getting a social media program off the ground  is finding the internal champion to sell the program to internal stakeholders. You’ll need someone who can educate others and make the case across departments and budgets.   In so many…

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