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I’m a prolific writer and blogger.  In addition to my personal blogging here on this site, I also contribute regularly to a variety of B2B publications, including



The AdWeek Blog Network 

During my tenure with PR Newswire, I was also the lead author for the Beyond PR blog.


I’m not afraid of the long form, and have authored several ebooks, including:

New School Press Release Tactics 

Driving Content Discovery 

Unlocking Social Media for PR  (praise)

Chief Content Officer:

Press Releases – Still a Content Marketer’s Workhorse. June 2013

Ragan’s PR Daily:

Google’s latest refinements to its algorithm reward good writing and compelling content. Here’s how to really get noticed.

An organization’s PR team and search engine optimization pros must work together to ensure that content—not just press releases—will get the best search rankings.

3/4/2014, Articles

Implied links—what they are and how to gauge their impact

Google’s new algorithm makes mentions on blogs or in the media far more valuable in terms of where your brand is ranking in searches.

5/7/2014, Articles

What FB Newswire means for PR pros

Facebook’s latest motion toward positioning itself as a leading source of news and information puts a premium on generating social interaction for clients and their brands.

4/28/2014, Articles

3 ways to sabotage your PR pitch (and 3 tips to save it)

Give reporters something no one else has and that’s relevant to them. Then let them do their jobs.

2/18/2014, Articles

New-school ways to grab attention with your press releases

If your news items seem stale, try smartening up how you link, adding visuals and encouraging social sharing, to freshen them up.

5 (more) useful apps for PR professionals

From managing documents on the fly to uploading images to your company’s Facebook page, here are more apps every PR pro should try. 8/29/2012

How to write one press release for multiple audiences

Create press releases that appeal to journalists, bloggers, consumers, and more. It’s simple, and it won’t cost extra. 8/21/2012

4 ways to increase the pick-up on your press releases

Are the press releases you’re writing falling flat, attracting no responses or, worse, jeers from your audience. Here’s how you can fix the problem. 8/7/2012

6 ways to avoid a personal PR crisis on social media

Your personal Twitter account might say, ‘My tweets are my own,’ but that doesn’t mean you can’t get yourself—and your company or client—into trouble. Here’s how to avoid a mess.


5 social media lessons gleaned from the garden

Ripping open a bag of manure and spreading it across the garden is rarely a wise move; similarly, this approach hardly ever works in social media. 6/20/2012

PR teams can boost SEO (and sales) through Twitter: Here’s how

A study shows that the more tweets a URL receives, the better its search ranking. PR professionals can (and should) benefit from this revelation. 6/6/2012

How to sell on social media (without being a creep)

There’s a right time and place for your message. You have to identify it and capitalize on the opportunity; otherwise your campaign will be doomed. 5/31/2012

The 5 mistakes press release writers make

Committing these errors will sink the visibility of your release, which hurts your client, your company and, ultimately, you. 4/20/2012

How to impress search engines and woo audiences online

Three key factors for establishing a lasting presence for your brand in the Digital Age. 4/3/2012

Rethinking the press release: How to reach larger audiences

Your press release could go viral, and you could measure it. Learn how. 7/27/2012

5 emerging PR trends—and the skills they require

The times, and the PR industry, are a-changing. Keep up by not only learning about these trends, but also the skills needed to stay ahead of the competition. 5/3/2012


Incorporating Social Collaboration into Your Content Strategy


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