SEO Tips for Press Release Writers

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Building search engine optimization into your organization’s public relations workflow can significantly boost the results your online press release generate.  And anymore, SEO also means tailoring press releases for sharing in social networks.  The connection between social media, search engine optimization and public relations continues to grow in significance, and provides real opportunity to reach and engage wider online audiences for communicators willing to pay attention to a few important details, including:

  • Disciplined selection of keywords
  • Structuring press releases with search engines and social networks in mind
  • Specific use of anchor text links
  • Integration of SEO practices into the PR workflow – including offline pursuits.


Much ado has been made about the importance of keywords in SEO circles, and rightfully so.  Keywords are not the term you think best describes what you’re promoting. Keywords are the terms real people use when searching for information online.    In the following…

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Twitter PR Tactics: Writing a Tweetable Press Release

Beyond PR

Twitterers are enthusiastic sharers of information of all kinds, from breaking news and blog posts, to press releases and media kits.   Harnessing the power of this important social media network can really give your PR campaigns a boost. Here are some tips on writing press releases for Twitter that will help ensure your messages are easy for active Twitterers to share.

1.      Write a succinct, “Tweetable” headline.  Messages conveyed on Twitter must be 140 characters or less, however, best practices for writing Tweets suggest that you should leave some characters available to allow others to share (or “ReTweet”) your message.  Our advice?  Keep headlines short – no more than 100 characters, which leaves plenty of room for others to comment – and for the URL linking back to your story.

2.      Make it easy for people to link to your story.  If you’re e-mailing a pitch to a journalist or…

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People, Content and Measurement: Recurring Themes from BlogWorld

Beyond PR

I was fortunate to be part of the team PR Newswire sent to BlogWorld this year.  It was a grueling weekend, and a tremendous experience, bringing together some of the brightest minds in social media, digital marketing, blogging and PR.

The team spread out and attended a wide variety of sessions, soaking up information on everything from managing online communities to the latest trends in using video in social networks.   Despite the broad array of subjects covered, we noticed that a few central themes recurred.  These were:


“If your market is people, and your niche is human, then they are on social networks,” was the memorable line delivered by Scott Stratten in the opening keynote, and that set the tone for the conference. Resoundingly and without a doubt, the overarching meme from BlogWorld was that social media is about personal interaction.  Relationships drive business.  For the people behind branded…

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Awesome Content: Applying Some BlogWorld Tips for PR

Beyond PR

The opening session of BlogWorld this year featured Scott Stratten, author of the best selling book UnMarketing, and it was wildly entertaining, irreverent and packed with great advice for improving one’s blog.  However, as I scanned my notes, it occurred to me that much of what Scott advocated also applies to public relations, or anyone producing online content and competing for attention in social networks.

Awesome content

Scott got a lot of laughs when he said “People don’t spread meh. People spread awesome.”  And he’s right.  Boring content doesn’t go viral.  It’s not enthusiastically re-tweeted.  Phoning it in when writing something – a press release, a backgrounder, a pitch – is a waste of time, drives readers away and can hurt your brand.  He went further to say that frequency doesn’t equate to “awesome.”

Write awesome content, then tweak it to improve the SEO

Fundamentally, if SEO is important…

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Blogging about social media, retired racehorses, dressage and wild mushrooms. Yep.

This is the jumping off point for three blogs I contribute to and/or maintain, on the subjects of social media, dressage and mushroom hunting. Random, I know. If any of these subjects interest you, I welcome you to the related blog, below.

Beyond PR: I blog regularly for my employer PR Newswire on the topics of social media, digital PR and SEO over at the Beyond PR.

Collecting TBs: I do maintain a personal blog chronicling my experience as a late-to-the-game student of dressage, an equestrian sport. My partners in these crimes against good equitation are some retired Thoroughbred race horses. If you are of the tiny subset of people out there interested in dressage, OTTBs (or both!) you can read about my adventures here:

The Fungrrl: I hunt mushrooms in northern IL / southern WI from about April, which is too early but I’m eternally optimistic, through October. Some of my finds are documented on The Fungrrl blog.