Walking the Line Between Pitching & Storytelling

If you’re treating press releases as dull communiques destined for deletion, you’re missing an opportunity. Today’s news releases traverse web sites and social networks, acting as digital ambassadors that introduce your brand to new audiences.

Beyond PR

KC-Blog-Banner_StorytellingPress releases have evolved in content, utility, and format. The audience these messages reach has also changed significantly over the years. When I started working for PR Newswire 20 years ago, very few people have ever heard of the company.  At that time, press releases were sent primarily to newsrooms, and didn’t see the light of day otherwise.  There were a handful of databases and start up online services, like America Online and CompuServe, which received our news release feed, but in the mid-90s, the online audience was extremely limited.

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Fast-forward to today, and many people have heard of PR Newswire, even non-communicators. They see news releases online, on Yahoo and the thousands of other websites that syndicate them.  More than once, I’ve seen PR Newswire content shared by my friends on Facebook and my peers on Twitter.


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