Influencing Buyer 2.0: Aligning PR to the Buyers Journey

Beyond PR

buyersjourneyBuyers – businesses, consumers and governments — are changing their behaviors, driven by changes in the communications channels and technologies they use to research purchases and share information with peers, bringing new opportunities and challenges for public relations to the fore.

Earned media mentions hold particular sway with potential buyers, which means PR can deliver measurable top line business impact. To capitalize on this trend, however, PR professionals must improve and rethink the way they create and distribute their messages, designing them to support the purchase decision and aligning them with the buyers’ journey.

Buyer 2.0:  Informed and In Charge

Buyers are influenced more by their own research than they are by traditional sales pitches.  By the time a buyer contacts a company, the buyer has already made many decisions, including the elimination of potential vendors. In fact, much of the buying cycle has already taken place.

Additionally, buyers seek…

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