Networked content: Tips for using content online

Beyond PR

Press releases have long been stock-in-trade for public relations.  However, in today’s age of networked content, you can do a lot more with a simple press release – or other message -than you might have imagined.   Here are a few simple tips to turn your press releases into powerful online channels that drive traffic and generate visibility for your organization.

  • Link!  Content distributed via PR Newswire is syndicated across thousands of different web sites. Direct interested readers straight to relevant pages on your web site – and build backlinks (important from an SEO standpoint) for your organization too – by linking an important keyword or two to related web pages.   Be sure to link from keywords (not phrases like “click here” or “more information”) and put the links within the first paragraph.    One or two keyword links per press release is ideal.
  • Write with social media in mind. Encourage people…

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