SEO en Espanol: Integrating SEO and PR to Reach the US Hispanic Audience

Beyond PR

How do you reach the Hispanic audience in the US?  The same way you reach your other constituents – online, with social media and search engine optimization.  PRSA Miami held a webinar this week focused on how PR pros can use SEO tactics to raise the visibility of their messages targeting the fast-growing US Hispanic audience.

Source: eMarketer, Hispanics Online: Demographics & Media Usage, 5/10

The vast majority of Hispanic households in the US have internet access – upward of 70%.  Not surprisingly, search engine marketing is the most effective – and cost effective – means of marketing to this group.    There are a few key differences, however, to which we need to pay attention:

  • Google is the search engine of choice, and is the engine upon which you should focus your efforts.
  • Mobile devices are hugely popular in Latin America, and among Hispanics in the US, and…

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