Social Media for B2B Companies – A Report from SocialTech 2010

Beyond PR

Social media and audience engagement strategies for technology-sector B2B companies were front and center at yesterday’s SocialTech 2010 conference. Hosted by MarketingProfs and IDG, the event featured some of social media’s heaviest hitters and in-depth looks how some big technology brands like SAP, Intel and Adobe have integrated social media deeply into their communications strategies.

Even in the B2B context, social media has changed communications practices, strategies and tactics for some savvy players.  These organizations have essentially made social interaction a pillar of their marketing programs.  We’re not talking about merely bolting-on a Facebook page or sticking a few videos up on Youtube.

This sort of sea-change has developed some new truths in its wake that run counter to traditional marketing and PR practices.  These include:

  • Communicators need to trade information (such as that gleaned from a registration page) for interaction.
  • Interactions with engaged audiences have a high value –…

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