Personalizing Social Media Programs – Generating True Interaction

Beyond PR

What do big brands making successful use of social media channels like giants GM, JetBlue and Kenmore have in common with the Roger Smith Hotel (a small arts hotel in New York) and Ramon DeLeon (a Chicago-based owner of six Domino’s Pizza stores)?  The answer: all have built successful social media presences that deliver genuine business results – and all have mastered the art of interacting individually with members of their audience.

The interactions begin universally with the folks behind the brand handles on Twitter and the accounts on Facebook, who pay close attention to what their online followers and friends are saying – and respond in person.

“I’m building relationships on Twitter all day,”says Richard Goldsmith of Kenmore, and the voice behind @kenmoreconnects on Twitter.

Adam Wallace (@adwal) of the Roger Smith Hotel agrees in principle.  “It’s so important to remember that the in-person connection and relationships drive the…

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