SEO Tips for Press Release Writers

Beyond PR

Building search engine optimization into your organization’s public relations workflow can significantly boost the results your online press release generate.  And anymore, SEO also means tailoring press releases for sharing in social networks.  The connection between social media, search engine optimization and public relations continues to grow in significance, and provides real opportunity to reach and engage wider online audiences for communicators willing to pay attention to a few important details, including:

  • Disciplined selection of keywords
  • Structuring press releases with search engines and social networks in mind
  • Specific use of anchor text links
  • Integration of SEO practices into the PR workflow – including offline pursuits.


Much ado has been made about the importance of keywords in SEO circles, and rightfully so.  Keywords are not the term you think best describes what you’re promoting. Keywords are the terms real people use when searching for information online.    In the following…

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