People, Content and Measurement: Recurring Themes from BlogWorld

Beyond PR

I was fortunate to be part of the team PR Newswire sent to BlogWorld this year.  It was a grueling weekend, and a tremendous experience, bringing together some of the brightest minds in social media, digital marketing, blogging and PR.

The team spread out and attended a wide variety of sessions, soaking up information on everything from managing online communities to the latest trends in using video in social networks.   Despite the broad array of subjects covered, we noticed that a few central themes recurred.  These were:


“If your market is people, and your niche is human, then they are on social networks,” was the memorable line delivered by Scott Stratten in the opening keynote, and that set the tone for the conference. Resoundingly and without a doubt, the overarching meme from BlogWorld was that social media is about personal interaction.  Relationships drive business.  For the people behind branded…

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