Awesome Content: Applying Some BlogWorld Tips for PR

Beyond PR

The opening session of BlogWorld this year featured Scott Stratten, author of the best selling book UnMarketing, and it was wildly entertaining, irreverent and packed with great advice for improving one’s blog.  However, as I scanned my notes, it occurred to me that much of what Scott advocated also applies to public relations, or anyone producing online content and competing for attention in social networks.

Awesome content

Scott got a lot of laughs when he said “People don’t spread meh. People spread awesome.”  And he’s right.  Boring content doesn’t go viral.  It’s not enthusiastically re-tweeted.  Phoning it in when writing something – a press release, a backgrounder, a pitch – is a waste of time, drives readers away and can hurt your brand.  He went further to say that frequency doesn’t equate to “awesome.”

Write awesome content, then tweak it to improve the SEO

Fundamentally, if SEO is important…

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