Blogging about social media, retired racehorses, dressage and wild mushrooms. Yep.

This is the jumping off point for three blogs I contribute to and/or maintain, on the subjects of social media, dressage and mushroom hunting. Random, I know. If any of these subjects interest you, I welcome you to the related blog, below.

Beyond PR: I blog regularly for my employer PR Newswire on the topics of social media, digital PR and SEO over at the Beyond PR.

Collecting TBs: I do maintain a personal blog chronicling my experience as a late-to-the-game student of dressage, an equestrian sport. My partners in these crimes against good equitation are some retired Thoroughbred race horses. If you are of the tiny subset of people out there interested in dressage, OTTBs (or both!) you can read about my adventures here:

The Fungrrl: I hunt mushrooms in northern IL / southern WI from about April, which is too early but I’m eternally optimistic, through October. Some of my finds are documented on The Fungrrl blog.


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